I have worked within mental health care for over a decade and during this time used various clinical models to support people through their own difficulties. Over time  have adapted and integrated these models into a growth mind-set educational framework which enables people to gain a greater understanding around their emotional health and how to bring balance.

What makes this educational framework unique is that each layer embodies a growth mind-set which symbolises the human values of kindness and compassion.

Our Vision would be to enable people of all ages to build a greater emotional resilience in order for them to live life to its fullest even in the face of adversity.

We are emotional beings and our health is vital to us thriving and leading full happy and abundant lives. If people have greater emotional resilience it puts them in a strong position to manage adverse conditions and be able to unlock their own dreams and potential.

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Bringing balance through knowledge and insight

Group Therapy


As a Registered Mental health Nurse, with skills varying from psychological wellbeing, coaching Trauma education and Meditation and Mindfulness teaching. I offer support to team and workforce’s to help them facilitate change in the workplace by placing wellness at the forefront.


Thank you for the fab CPD day to all our Teaching staff. We would love to have you back again for the rest of the staff and we have also invited others from partner schools

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